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To ensure maximum up-time we offer on-going servicing, media exchange and maintenance under contract or as required.


Ranging from provision of consumables and remote monitoring solutions, media exchange and mobile water.

Media Exchange

As part of media exchange services, we offer a cylinder exchange service supporting clients with on site high purity water and waste water requirements. A pick up and delivery provides a seamless service ensuring that clients receive local support within Scotland. Provision of supporting documentation can be provided with each exchange.

Additionally we offer Ion Exchange services

Mobile Water

We are continuing to develop our mobile water capabilities including self contained off site trailer units for process water support for clients who experience water plant failure.

Additionally, we can offer a fully self-supported on-site solution to carry out in line treatment of effluent/contaminated water which is not fit to be sent to drain. Other applications are available and all mobile water solutions can be tailored to suit client specific needs.

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