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Marine and Aquaculture

TSL supports the Marine and sustainable food sectors across a range of initiatives and projects including:


Provision of fully integrated water treatment equipment providing specific water treatment of sea water up to 600 m3/hr measuring down to PPB levels before discharge. Equipment was placed upon a 3000 tonne support vessel for sea operations supporting the salmon industry.

Design, build, installation and qualify 250m3/hr capacity sea water treatment system provided on 20’ container bases for operation upon a support vessel for sea trials supporting the salmon industry.

Desing, build, installation and commissioning of new 250m3/hr sea water treatment including main operating structure. Project focus to increase water quality for marine institute aqua culture trials.

Provision of fully operational sea water containerised units supporting the salmon industry.

Design, supply, installation and commissioning of large scale drum filters, backwashable in line filters and  high output UV sterilisers for sea and fresh water installations supporting the sustainable food production companies.

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