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TSL supports the Manufacturing sector across a range of initiatives and projects including:


The foundation of TSL’s manufacturing is to support our projects using our in house fabrication services. Our fully certified coded welders provide the platform for our success by offering a full list of material options for tanks, vessels and components.


In house stainless steel welding including tank, vessels, platforms and fully welded pipe work to coded standard with vessels up to 25000 litre capacity. Access platforms, equipment skids for populating with plant, pipe work and electrics.


Mild steel and container fits outs provide an efficient method of off site pre-built units for locating and installation using a plug and play approach. We have the ability to modify and alter existing or new container units to suit clients requirements.


Provision of thermoplastic tanks, vessels and bespoke built units to support our projects. We offer a large range of unique products all fully manufactured, tested and certified at our facility prior to site installation.

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