Tech Sure (UK) Ltd Services

Tech Sure UK Ltd provide a variety of different services to suit all types of business, commercial and industrial requirements. Services range from plastic fabrication a pipework engineering - to water hygiene and Legionella control. Tech Sure are able to provide services as part of a fixed or rolling contract in addition to providing services that are needed as a one-time requirement.

Regular Assessment and Evaluation

We provide risk assessment, tests and control services for water quality for domestic, residential as well as commercial and industrial purpose. From purification of water within nuclear power operations to industrial water covering a wide range of market sectors.

Examples of issues we can help address, risk assessments and control are:

  • Levels of chemicals contaminates 
  • Levels of minerals, demineralisation, decolourisation 
  • Levels of harmful biological and microorganisms contaminates 
  • Level of hardness, softening, deionisation, dealkalization 
  • Levels of heavy metals

Water Treatment Maintenance Servicing and Installations

Water treatment system maintenance programme contracts to suit all types of businesses, commercial, industrial and domestic requirements. We do adhoc, one off pieces of work as well as fixed or rolling contract work.

The water treatment processes, management and service areas we cover are:

  •  Regular Assessment and Evaluation 
  • Water Treatment Maintenance Servicing and Installations  
  • Water Purification by Filtration and Ion Exchange 
  • Tank Inspection Services

Water Treatment Equipment and Consumables

Our supply chain specialist has been created and is able to offer a wide range and selection of all water treatment equipment, products and consumables. Small orders can be purchased on our online shop.

For placing large, bulk and frequent orders and purchases, please contact direct to our sales office and we will endeavour to deliver promptly.

  • Wide Range and Choice of Filter Elements & Filter Housing 
  • Ion Exchange Media and Activated Carbon 
  • Pressure Vessels and Pressure Vessel Resin Renewal Service 
  • Storage Fluid Tanks and Ultra Violet (UV) Kits 
  • Water Treatment Equipment Systems

Water Treatment Equipment Design and Upgrade

Our capability, indepth knowledge, project management skills and experienced technical engineers are able to provide and assist in upgrading existing treatment plant to expand capacity or modernisation as well as designing, constructing and installing a new complete replacement.

Some examples and areas we cover are:

  • Facility Review and Upgrade Requirements 
  • Design, Construction and Installation 
  • Health and Safety 
  • Technical Services 
  • Turnkey Package

Critical Spares Package

We are happy to discuss and offer assistance as a central delivery point for critical water treatment and pipework spares affecting critical processes. This can be arranged through a site visit or through technical discussions to determine specific needs.