Risk Assessment and
Water Quality and Legionella

Health and Safety Law - Contaminates Risk Assessment

Tech Sure (UK) Ltd not only conducts risk assessment and control services on legionella, private water and ground/potable water quality supply but also for other harmful contaminates. For example, fossil & nuclear power stations, all requiring cleanup of low radiation waste water. Further more the treatment of industrial water and municipal or public water covers a wide variety of market sectors. They all require the provision of water to a pre-defined level of quality. We have extensive expertise in this field to provide professional and reliable support service.

Water Treatment Requirements - Industrial Water

Different market sectors require different water treatment requirements. The industrial water covers the following key market sector areas: iron and steel, power generation, oil and petrochemical, electronics and semi conductors. Industrial water has specific water quality requirements and for example the basic common application in industrial water is demineralisation of the water prior to further use in boilers and downstream production processes requiring purity of water to meet finished product performance specifications.

Water Treatment Requirements - Public Water

We would like to also provide further examples of how we may be able to help with water quality risk assessment and control in the public water supply sector. There are several known undesirable contaminants in public water supplies other than microorganisms that can be reduced or removed. These include the reduction of hardness or softening (calcium and magnesium), nitrate, tannin/colour, fluoride and arsenic to name but a few examples.

Legionella and Water Safety

Practical solutions are provided in all aspects of water systems safety and as a result of a site survey Tech Sure (UK) Ltd will tailor a maintenance contract to ensure Organisations comply with the legal requirements, by providing:

  • Legionella risk assessments
  • UKAS accredited microbiological testing of water samples
  • Written report on the findings and suggestions for treatment
  • Routine monitoring and maintenance
  • Water tank inspections
  • Cleaning and disinfection of tanks and water delivery systems
  • Repairs and Remedial Works
  • Records - on site log books
  • Site schematic drawing

Water Treatment Requirements - Different Markets

Our total summary of market sectors requiring industry specific water treatment management and quality production criteria, which we can provide assistance with are:

  • Public/Municipal Water
  • Private Water or Ground/potable Water
  • Food Manufacturers (Ready Made Meals, Processed Food etc)
  • Drink Manufacturers (Distilleries, Breweries, Bottling etc)
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Industrial Water - Petroleum & Chemicals
  • Industrial Water - Electronics and Semi Conductors
  • Industrial Water - Fossil and Nuclear Power Generation