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Tech Sure Products

  • Ultra Pure Water Treatment Systems
  • Plastic Fabrication
  • Pipework Engineering
  • Water Storage Tanks and Containment Systems

Water Treatment Equipment

Tech Sure (UK) Ltd can provide installation of water treatment equipment, hand in hand with our maintenance and monitoring services programmes ensuring that our customers have a seamless total solution service. We can offer the following types of water treatment systems and equipment - some examples are as follows:

Water Treatment Media and Consumables

We can supply a wide range and selection of high quality media and water treatment consumable products, from small to large quantities for residential, commercial and industrial markets. Some products may be found on our online shop, but for large large bulk purchases and specialist products, please contact our office. Some example are as follows:

Water Treatment Applications

Our media have been used for a variety of purposes by a wide rage of consumer types. For further information visit our dedicated web page on ion exchange media. Please contact our technical specialists if preferred for further discussion, guidance or advice on any of applications below:

  • High Purity Water Production
  • Water Polishing
  • Base Exchange Softening
  • Organic Scavenging, Oxygen Scavenging and Removal
  • Demineralisation and Deionisation
  • Removal of Radioactivity in Effluent waters
  • Reduction of Oxygen from Boiler and Reactor water